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Policies and Important Information


Eyelash extensions will require some level of maintenance, even if it’s minor, for you to get the full benefit.

Eyelash extensions are an incredible resource that allows you to maintain an effortless sense of style on a daily basis. By experiencing the eyelash extension service, you’ll walk out with stylish yet natural lashes. Although we will take care of the initial application, there are ways you can maintain the quality of your extensions through a few simple, yet highly effective, steps.


The benefits of taking care of your lash extensions include:


  • Extending the length of your application: When you proactively care for your lashes in the hours after application, they will simply look better, for longer, requiring less maintenance from you in the long run.

  • Financial savings: The better you care for your lash extensions, the longer they will last, which means you’ll need touch-ups and replacements less frequently. 

  • Supportive of overall lash health: Learning how to care for your lash extensions will also equip you with helpful knowledge of how to care for your natural lashes and overall eye health.

The First 24 Hours After Application: The Do’s and Don'ts 


The first 48 hours after your lash service are important, but the first 24 are critical. Pay attention to these important do’s and don’ts. 


Do this.


  • Keep your lashes as dry as possible. Avoid swimming, humidity, or sweating as much as possible. Avoid washing your hair during this time to minimize the chance of getting water near your new lashes.

  • Use oil-blotting papers and oil-fighting cleansers and moisturizers, especially if you are prone to oily skin. You can do this as frequently as needed -- just do your best to avoid directly interacting with your new lashes.

  • Sleep on your back, if possible, the first evening after your extensions are placed. You may consider using a body pillow to help you stay in place during the evening. 


Don’t do this.


  • Don’t touch your new lashes. They’re beautiful and breathtaking to look at, of course, but touching them may disturb the eyelash adhesive that may still be setting. Again, don’t skip sleeping in that Contoured Eye Mask. 

  • Don’t wear eye makeup of any kind, including mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow.

  • Don’t use oil-based cleansers. Keeping your face clean is important, but avoid cleansers with an oil base because this may break down the eyelash adhesive. 

  • Don’t use eye creams of any kind. These are usually thick and oil-based, and are therefore best avoided while your lashes are still setting. 


Maintaining Your Lash Extensions Beyond the First 24 Hours


The aftercare routine of your full set of eyelash extensions is simple yet powerful. 


For best results, be sure to wash your lashes twice a day, in the morning and evening. You may want to wash them after a heavy workout or splashing in pools, hot tubs, or the ocean if you feel it is needed. Make sure to avoid oil-based cleansers.


Brush your lashes every morning. After you brush. make sure the lashes are dry.


What else can you do to maintain your new luscious lashes? Many guests have found that switching to a silk or satin pillowcase helps maintain their extensions -- not to mention it’s good for the skin and hair! 


These few minutes of maintenance can help save you so much time and money in the long run! Instead of doing a full sweep of makeup every single morning, you’ll simply need to clean your lashes as often as you clean your face. 


Avoid picking and prodding and poking at your eye area too much -- you probably won’t need to anyway, given how the extensions can make your eyes pop in a natural manner! 


​Lashsthetics by Lori does not offer refunds for any service or product. All sales are final.

Should there be an issue with your service, Lashsthetics by Lori reserves the right to determine the best course of action including but not limited to offering an opportunity to fix/correct any issues. This is determined only if the issues were not pre or post service and determined not to have been the fault of the client. 

Lash extensions and other services are done to the fullest quality and cannot be garunteed as individuals will see results that vary. 


When booking a service with Lashsthetics by Lori you are consenting to risks and liability associated with such services. There can be allergic reactions, redness, bleeding, and other risks associated with the services offered. 

Lashsthetics is not responsible for any injury, reaction, or medical that is incurred due to your session/service.

It is the clients responsibility to inform your technician of any allergies or other concerns prior to your appointment. It is also the clients responsibility to communicate any discomfort, pain, irritation, or other signs of possible issue during your session.

You are consenting that you have voluntarily elected to undergo any service, treatment/procedure. Services offered are not a substitute for medical care. 

By booking and attending your session/service you aknowledge all of the following:

Any illicit or sexually suggestive remarks or advances made by me will result in immediate termination of the session and monies due will still be owed without refund.  I also understand that Lashsthetics by Lori can end any session and/or refuse service to any client for any reason without justification. 


Although it is impossible to list ever potential risk and complication, I have been informed of possible benefits, risks, and complications, including but not limited to: unsatisfactory results, soreness, poor healing, discomfort, redness, blistering, nerve damage, scarring, infection, change in skin pigmentation, allergic or histamine reaction, muscle damage, and increased hair growth.  I understand that although precautions may be taken in my treatment, not all risks can be known in advance.  I also recognize there are no guaranteed results and that independent results are dependent upon age, skin condition, and lifestyle and that there is the possibility I may require further treatments of the treated areas to obtain the expected results at an additional cost.

I understand the procedure and accept the risks.  All of my questions have been answered to my satisfaction and I consent to the terms of agreement.  Given the above, I understand that response to treatment varies on an individual basis and that specific results are not guaranteed.  Therefore, in consideration for any treatment received, I agree to hold harmless and release from any and all liability Lashsthetics by Lori and the esthetician that provided my treatment, the insured, and any additional insureds, as well as any offers, directors, or employees of the above companies for any condition or result, known or unknown, that may arise as a consequence of any treatment I receive.

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